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BUTTERFLY Black Height Adjustable Laptop Caddy

  • BUTTERFLY Black Height Adjustable Laptop Caddy
  • BUTTERFLY Black Height Adjustable Laptop Caddy
  • BUTTERFLY Black Height Adjustable Laptop Caddy
  • BUTTERFLY Black Height Adjustable Laptop Caddy
  • Butterfly Black
  • Butterfly Dimensions
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Available Finishes

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  • Butterfly Black

    Butterfly Black

    Butterfly Black
  • Butterfly Blue

    Butterfly Blue

    Butterfly Blue
  • Butterfly Green

    Butterfly Green

    Butterfly Green
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Product Description

The Piranha Butterfly is an ingenious, easily stowable, folding laptop stand, providing a stable supporting surface while seated away from a desk or table. Easily movable and only taking a moment to fold away, the Butterfly is a highly versatile work surface that will always be on hand.

With adjustable height and tilt, the worktop can easily be positioned to allow the perfect position, no matter where you are sitting… or laying! The worktop also has a cleverly positioned lip at the front edge to prevent books or laptops slipping during use.

Adjustable to 3 different heights between 58cm and 69.5cm and with a wide base measuring 43cm by 42cm, the Piranha Butterfly gives a stable, perfectly laptop sized worktop of 43cm x 43cm. When folded away the Butterfly measures 58cm x 43cm x 8cm

Laptops sitting on unsuitable surfaces (such as duvets, sofas and clothing that block ventilation slots) can overheat, reducing performance and shortening lifespan. Machines are also more likely to be kicked, crushed or have liquids spilt on them when placed carelessly around the home or office.
By using the correct support, such as the Piranha Butterfly, laptops are less likely to become damaged or experience issues with overheating in use.

As with all Piranha furniture, the Butterfly comes with a 2 year warrantee against manufacturing defects.